Steelite Coffeehouse Mug 12oz

Product code: 176
£3.30 (ex. VAT)
SPECIAL OFFER HALF PRICE TO CLEAR Brand New to Maix and EXCLUSIVE the Kenco 12oz Coffeehouse Mug. Only £6.60+Vat(20%).


 This particular 12oz Coffeehouse Mug is probably the most popular size of mug, it is nicely shaped which means the base nestles exactly with our standard Steelite saucer. Our steelite saucers have a double well so you can mix and match with the 8oz Cup, the 12oz Cappuccino Cup or the 12oz Coffeehouse Mug. We at Maix Vending Limited have now secured  the exclusive right to have this product manufactured. Which is another first for  Maix.

Steelite Products are chip resistant

£6.60+VAT(20%) Each

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Condition New
Product Code 176