Steelite 12oz Cappuccino Cup

Product code: 175
£3.30 (ex. VAT)
SPECIAL OFFER HALF PRICE TO CLEAR EXCLUSIVE to Maix Vending Limited. Only £6.60+Vat(20%)


If you love a large Cup of Coffee either in the morning or late afternoon this is the one for you, a 12oz Cappuccino Cup, branded with the Real name in Coffee 'Kenco' which fits with our regular Steelite saucer.

The saucer is a separate item, also made of Steelite, these products are excellent quality and remember Steelite products are chip resistant. Maix Vending Limited have now secured  the exclusive right to have this product manufactured. Which is yet another first for  Maix Vending Limited.

12 oz Cappuccino Cup £6.60+VAT(20%).

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Condition New
Product Code 175