Maxpax Network Automatic Machine

The Maxpax Network machine is fully automatic and holds up to 900 drinks and has 12 drink types giving upto 36 selections. The Unit can vend 12 different varieties plus none, 1 or 2 sugars per selection.
The machine can be programmed for the various drink types hot only for a Soup or Bovril. For Tea without sugar or with sugar 1 or 2 spoons. The machine has its own Sugar Cannister using normal Granulated Sugar.
The machine can be Free-Vend or Pay Vend, every drink selection can be individually priced. The machine can have a validator or a change-giver. It can have a World Key System fitted to have a Cashless system.
The cashless system can have card wallets to hold cash on the card, it can be programmed to issue a set number of free drinks daily to staff, there is a 'Gold Card' facility for permanent free drinks to key individuals.
Contact us on 01531 821800 for more details.

The Maxpax Compact

The Maxpax Compact is a versatile machine with a hot tank which holds approximately 50 drinks worth of water ready to dispense one after another non stop.
The unit holds 5 drink types but additional varieties can be stood by the machine.
The water is controlled by a push button and is freely available.
This unit is designed to give a clean and efficient service on Trade Counters or in any Office with upto 20 staff where drinks are free issue.
Contact us on 01531 821800 for more details.
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